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During the 5th Annual National Jukensa Kajukenbo Tournament, SGM Sam Allred is shown presenting O-Sifu Sadoc Sierra with a diploma for the highest authentic rank thus far earned in Jukensa Kajukenbo--5th Degree Black Belt.

Over 130 participants at October's National Kajukenbo Championships witnessed the presentation of 5th degree black belt to Sadoc Sierra. Sierra, leader of Kajukenbo in Mexico, is responsable for the growth of Kajukenbo in Mexico. His eight Kajukenbo schools, run by outstanding Kajukenbo black belt instructors, are beginning to produce their own qualified black belt instructors. In addition to receiving the promotion in rank, he was given a heartwarming tribute by his students, whose obvious admiration and respect for him speaks for his leadership.

Sierra, an irreplaceable asset to Kajukenbo in Mexico, would not accept the high Kajukenbo rank last year because he did not consider himself ready. This attitude of seriousness transfers to his students, who also are not rank-oriented, but rather are quality-oriented. O-Sifu Sierra has also earned 5th degree in Ninjitsu from Master Frank Dux. Please read more about O-Sifu Sierra with a CLICK HERE.

The junior morning competition over with and younger competitors gone, the above photo shows those present at the afternoon event for older competitors in free fighting, self defense, breaking, and forms. Over 100 Kajukenbo competitors at this event demonstrate the growth of Kajukenbo in Mexico, thanks to O-Sifu Sierra!

O-Sifu Sierra is well versed in the original Kajukenbo techniques of Sijo Emperado and GM Reyes, and at GM Allred's request, demonstrated many of them at the tournament, but the crowd always awaits Sierra's breaking demonstration. He is shown here breaking ten stone slabs.

Jukensa Kajukenbo black belt instructors who participated in this year's tournament.

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