The International Association of Juken-Ka is unique in Kajukenbo because in Mexico, the words “Kajukenbo” and “Jukensa” are NOT public domain as in other countries such as the United States. The words are registered in the name of Grand Maater Sam Allred, and are illegal for most uses by clubs, instructors, or other organizations without permission.

The International Association of Juken-Ka is a nationally registered organization with the authority to properly control all aspects of International Jukensa Kajukenbo Asspcoatopm, founded in 2005 by Sifu Sadoc Sierra, with the authorization of G.M. Sam Allred, and is affiliated with Thunderbird Kajukenbo Activities and the American Kajukembo Association in the EEUU, as well as various Mexican organizations.

Qualified Kajukenbo instructors and clubs are encouraged to join the Association. The idea is, of course, that the future of Kajukenbo in Mexico will not be as it currently is in the United States and other countries, where so many "Kajukenboists" have their own Kajukenbo Organizations which are fighting for overall leadership with no central governing body for authentication or registration of either schools or of practitioners and their ranks..

Authenticated clubs in Mexico post national membership certificates from the IAJK, signed by officers of the Association, and with the official Association embossed seals and stamps.

Individuals ranked as black belt holders by any authentic Kajukenbo Sifu in the world are readily accepted for membership in the IAJK and the appropriate certificates of authenticity to verify their rank, and teaching certification are issued.

Requirements for earning ranks within the Association may be seen on the next page.

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