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 It is most likely that the best information on these web pages is the simple advice that all fights should be avoided at any cost.  It is almost always possible to avoid a fight.  It is stupid to become unnecessarily involved in a fight because such conflict might possibly result in a legal problem or further conflict with friends or family of the person you harm.

Why must so many people engage in  such stupidity as fighting when it is easy to run and possibly by so doing,  to save your life?  Why can an insult from a stranger possibly be so meaningful and important as to take the risk of fighting even though his words cannot possibly be personal against you?  How is the image of “machismo” or the concept of “honor” (which we derive mostly from fictitious heroes of movies) be of more importance than the use of good common sense?  What difference does it make to you  if  abusive uneducated semi-human beings think you are behaving cowardly by their standards, as long as you know that avoiding a fight is definitely the proper and sane thing to do,  no matter what it takes to avoid the problem?  Will your friends respect you more if you visit with them from a wheel chair?

Keep in mind the words of  the wise men who said: 

“A gentleman  would not be capable of
insulting me, and no one who can insult me is worth any kind of a problem,” “a boy is a man when he walks around a mud puddle instead of through it,” and “a fight avoided cannot be lost.”

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