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By the mid 60’s I had started hearing a lot about a young "cha cha cha" instructor named Bruce Lee, who was an extraordinary martial artist. One of his biggest fans, Jujitsu Master Wally Jay (I use the word “Master” in referring to VERY few people) of Alameda, California, had widely exclaimed Lee’s virtues to me. Later I was to become a friend of Bruce and write his biography for Black Belt Magazine.

So when I heard that Bruce would be giving a demonstration at Ed Parker’s 1967 “Internationals,” I borrowed an 8 mm camera, purchased black and white ASA 400 film, and arranged to sit on the floor at ringside. This was the demo that clenched his part as Kato in "The Green Hornet" television series---which started Bruce on the road to fame and thereafter into the category of film “legend.” (An interview regarding the Bruce Lee demonstration.)

In the 90’s, when 8 mm was no longer in use, I found and borrowed an 8 mm movie projector with which I projected and photographed each frame of the movies I had taken of Bruce. I have now scanned those photos, edited and prepared them for use here in Flash 5 moving video foremat.

You will see Bruce’s three-finger-one-arm pushups, demonstrating his magnificent upper body strength. This strength is what helped enable his famous one-inch punch. This punch throws Bruce’s volunteer assistant several feet backwards and sprawls him into a chair that had been placed behind him. You can see these skills over and over since they are "looped." With many computer players of moving video, you can stop the movement, slow it down, zoom, etc., to learn from Bruce’s talents and techniques.

Most computers now access "Flash 5" video, but your computer will need that capability to see these two techniques in motion.

These formerly unseen moving videos are not public domain. They are copyrighted ©, and are meant only for the enjoyment and education of readers of this, my web site.


My thanks to Thierry Dréan from France for sending me this photo of myself in 1967 when I was taking the video that you can see below:


Bruce Lee's Three-Finger One-Arm Pushups

CLICK HERE: Bruce Lee's One-Inch Power Punch


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