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Choking is an extremely effective fighting skill. All good fighters practice choking skills as well as defenses against chokes. They are as successfully used in fights as any other winning fighting techniques. In streetfights, at one point or another, the opportunity will come up to choke. After your attacker has rushed you head down, when he has tried a leg dive, after you have pulled his head into position by his hair, when he is trying to regain his feet, while grappling, with a go-behind, when you find yourself (or purposely place yourself) behind your opponent, etc., chokes can often readily be achieved--if you have studied and practiced them.

The below illustrations will help you learn three choking techniques. Remember that in practice, your partner may not be able to audibly tell you he is in pain, so respect his patting on himself, on the mat, on you, or on anything, as meaning that he gives up. Chokes shown here using, for example, the right arm, should also be practiced using your left arm and visa versa.

When your positions are proper for this choke, place your right arm, boney side of the forearm upward, against your opponent's throat, under his chin.

Firmly grasp your right hand with your left hand, keeping the forearm over the opponent's Adam's apple. The back of his head is under your armpit.

Pulling with your left arm as you tighten your right arm against his throat, arch your back so as to put pressure against his throat. Your right forearm should remain horizontal to your body's plane.

When positioned behind and a bit higher than your opponent, place your right arm forcefully under his chin and over his Adam's apple, as you

grasp your right hand with your left hand's palm upward. Keep your wrists strong and non flexible.

By placing the right side of your head against the left back side of his head, and your right shoulder against the right side of the back of his head, pull your arm into his throat as you push his head forward and immobilize his head with your shoulder and head to cause pressure against his throat.

Place your right forearm in front of his throat as you

grasp your left arm above your elbow, with your right hand.

Move your left hand behind his head.

By tightening your arms as you put pressure against the back of his head, you can scissor his throat with the pressure against his throat.

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