Last year for the first time, we discovered that Kajukenboists of the United States were apprehensive about coming into Mexico to attend our Grand Seminar. Those who come yearly to the Seminars will testify to the lack of anything to fear, knowing they will have no complications, but those who receive their information from T.V. and newspapers only see negative and scary information. In general, this is simply not true except for those dealing in drugs and for those fighting them. Please read on.

Mexico is one of the world's most beautiful countries....and Mexico City is one of the world's most beautiful, entertaining, and modern cities.

Using myself as an example; in early February advisories came out which included Acapulco as an extremely dangerous drug-ruled city NOT to be visited. If one absolutely must go there, according to the articles, no straying more than two blocks from the main street that runs along the entire perifery of Acapulco Bay (photo below), and absolutely no going into the downtown area.

With this in mind, and I must admit with a certain amount of trepidation, I went to Acapulco over the Valentine's Day period. Not one single resident that I visited with (taxi drivers, hotel clerks, people on the beach, friends, etc.) had witnessed any of the crime or violence that is attributed to the city.

Acapulco is divided by a mountain range into the tourist parts on the Bay side and the extensive colonies on the other side of those mountains. Apparently drug cartel related crimes very seldom leak over, and then only into the non-tourist areas of Bay side. Like any city (including yours) there are places where the un-knowledgable tourist should not visit.

I had one of the best times of my life on this visit to Acapulco! The people are helpful and friendly, the beach clean and beautiful, the hotels modern and clean, and the restaurants and discos world class. I was pleasantly surprised by the extreme contrast between my expectations and reality--and this is regarding a so-called most violent and dangerous place.

But the 2012 Seminar will be conducted in Mexico City, and Mexico CitY has not been declared dangerous. It houses some of the finest restaurants, hotels, museums, and tourist attractions in the world, with all qualities and all price ranges.

TWO OF MEXICO CITY'S NUMEROUS MONUMENTS: (left) The Diana Fountain (foreground in shade of a skyscraper) is one of the many monuments along "Paseo de la Reforma." Reforma is Mexico City's Broadway or better said, Champs-Élysées. (right) The Angel of Independence, honoring Mexico's independence from Spain. Reforma shuts down on Sundays, as seen here, for walkers, runners, bicycalists, et al.

I have lived in Mexico City for 26 years without ever witnessing a crime, a mugging, or a robbery. Once I was pickpocketed on the subway, and I have heard of others who were robbed. Yes, there are parts of the City where only residents should spend time. This is true in NYC, LA, and even small towns anywhere-- but you won't go near to those areas for either the Seminar or for sightseeing.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US for the Seminar, DON'T BE CONCERNED (regardless of the fears and warnings of others)'ll be in good hands, you'll update your martial arts, and you'll have a wonderful visit. If you wish, I will be very pleased to answer your questions and send information or “briefings” to you (E Mail: Come on down;-) !!

You'll probably fall in love with Mexico as almost all Seminar visitors do. And check: Xochimilco, Zocalo, Basilica, Teotihuacan, National Museum of Anthropology, National Museum of Art, Kajukenbo, and on and on and on.
Sam Allred

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