Part of being able to fight is being able to adjust to the multitude of events that can occur during a  fight.  One of these things is the possibility that you will lose balance, slip, are knocked or thrown to the ground, etc.  If you fall improperly you may be badly injured or incapacitated by the fall.  One of your goals in a fight is to cause your opponent to fall incorrectly, on his head or tail bone for example.  In so doing he may be unable to regain his feet, or if he falls on an elbow he may break or dislocate a bone in the shoulder area.
Falling techniques are not within the scope of this web site, but if you are untrained in falling skills you should think about learning some of the falling skills of judo, jiu jitsu, tumbling, gymnastics, football, etc.  However, there is a great difference between falling on a gymnasium mat or on the ground and falling on a hard uneven surface as is likely to occur in a street fight.  But for now, why not spend a few moments thinking of, and practicing, ways to fall reflexively which will be less damaging to you?

If you do fall to the ground and are not practiced in techniques of grappling,  or are fighting more than one person, try to get back to your feet as quickly as possible without offering your back to the opponent.  If this isn´t possible, it is often a good idea to never stop moving.  If you can´t get up and can´t roll, pivot on your hips and shoulders so that you can face your opponent and block his attempts to get close with your feet.  You are far from helpless when on your back when you can use specific techniques of fighting such as those "grappling skills" which I plan to discuss later on this site.

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