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It is  natural to feel the symptoms of fear.  The feeling of fear is common and is to be expected by most people before a fight. Others no not demonstrate the smptoms of fear until the fight is over. A small number of people can control fear and the way their bodies manifest it...they don't show the physical signs of fear such as trembling lips or trembling body, fast heart beat, sweating, etc. These people are exceptions.

We feel fear because the adrenal gland secrets a chemical called adrenalin that causes our body to react with the physical symptoms of fear. It is a physical phenomenon and it also provides the function of preparing us for action situations, like a fight. During emergencies the adrenalin can give us extra strength and speed. We have all heard of mothers who, on seeing their child trapped in a burning car, can pull the jammed door off its hinges to save their child--thanks to adrenalyn. Also, adrenalyn helps in block pain a bit.

It is certain that you have felt the symptoms of fear at times. You should understand then, that the same chemical that causes these symptoms of fear also can cause you to find more strength and speed. Knowing a bit about fear may be able to help you to convert the symptoms of fear into rage in a way that can be used against your attacker.

On a personal note, in my prime years I did not experience much  nervousness with  fights because I was always prepared, I was young, I felt I needed the experience of fighting, and I didn’t feel that I had anything to lose.   I now become quite  nervous after fights.  Again, some people are nervous before or during a fight,  while others  get an "attack of nerves"  after  the  fight. 

When I entered my 60s I thought  I was becoming cowardly with the age,  because I was so nervous after a fight or even after a near-fight, but I now believe that with age comes a more mature intelligence capable of realizing the numerous  risks that can result from fighting.  There are too many reasons why  I must not involve myself in a street fight.  Also,  in earlier years I was “in shape” emotionally to fight,  while  now I am  emotionally and physically  out of condition, by comparison.

In a fight, you should be aware of the possibility that your attacker may be skilled and may be mean, but you must not think negatively. You must not feel he can win. Think of your attacker as a target that exists only to be destroyed.  Whether you are afraid or not is not so important as your ability to change your fear into rage.

This a very important secret:  YOU REALLY CAN (reread those three words)change your  fear into anger during a fight...if you want to.  If you are someone who has never gone berserk with rage, your natural fear can be redirected to make you ferocious IF YOU WANT TO display the rage which is normally “so unlike you,” and which you have probably never experienced before.  You have to decide, because it may not be the wisest thing for you to do. You probably have to consciously decide to do it like turning your “go crazy” switch from  “fear” into “ferocity.”

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