Fun Fighting Stuff

This page is designed to contain largely martial arts video, some comical and some which will prove to be very instructional. I hope you will enjoy these, and will contribute other interesting martial arts video or other fun stuff.

Each video will require time to download. Most computers will have no trouble showing them, but as before, some computers will need additional software such as "Windows Media Player" to view them. In some cases you will need to open "FILE," and then save them on your desktop. Then you can click on them and drag them to the media player icon.

I hope to add to this page occasionally. Please send other interesting/fun things that I can use here.

  • 1. Martial arts bear

    This is a prize winning commercial, but is an "asf" file. On my computer it will not open in Netscape, but will open in Explorer. If it opens as only digital symbols on your computer, sorry, I can't help you;-)

  • 2. Always Be Prepared! "Alien Song" (LONG download with audio--- but probably worth it)

  • 3. This one, also from Sifu Blea, is called "Never Trust a Woman," but what a neat example it is of misdirection.

  • (Misdirection?--Click Here)

  • 4. This demonstrates a spinning elbow strike and proves its effectiveness.

  • 5. A breaking exhibition that became a blooper with a moral;-)

  • 6. Bruce Lee explaining a fighting strategy (from an episode of "Longstreet").

  • 7. Bruce Lee teaching, with narration by his friend and student, actor James Coburn. Coburn, who I had the great pleasure of interviewing in his home for "Black Belt" magazine's book about Bruce, died yesterday (this posted on the internet Nov. 19, 2002) of a heart attack....

  • 8. Comic Bill Cosby joking about karate. (LARGE FILE/AUDIO ONLY)

  • 9. Bruce Lee and Bob Wall in a scene from "Enter the Dragon."

  • 10. A kata perfomed with extreme flexibility. (Long Download 9,500,000 bytes)

  • 11. A very well-performed Shotokan kata. (Long Download--6,000,000 bytes)

  • 12. kicking doctor.

  • 13. "Talk" vs Action

  • 14. They call it "kicking," but its gymnastics and break dancing as well as kicking.

  • 15. More extreem kicking techniques similar to the two above..pretty good stuff.

  • 16. Stick-figure fight--pretty good.

  • 17. Try this--how to fold a t-shirt! (Como doblar una playera!)

  • 18. How martial artists park their cars! (Como artistas marciales estacionan sus autos.)

  • 19. Stick-figure fun

  • 20. Horsekick (Patada estilo caballo)

  • 21. A really neat and "inspirational" video of a Karateka against a pimp. Worth the time to download. Burt, thanks for sending this!

  • 22.

    This is neat to play around with!

  • 24. Demonstration of practice with the "wooden dummy"

  • 25. Video of Bruce Lee demonstrating a technique.

  • 23. Many judo throws, also shows off-balancing. A very good instructional judo video.

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