Jukensa Kajukenbo Techniques Demonstrated, then Demonstrated Slowly

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Demonstrations of some Jukensa Kajukenbo self defense techniques for video to be placed on these pages, first showing a technique rapidly, then slowly so that you can carefully study the moves.

Techniques shown here represent what Jukensa students are learning, and demonstrate the sequence movements so important in Kajukenbo. Some techniques shown here are not “official” Kajukenbo techniques, but are included in "Jukensa Kajukenbo" in addition to standard skills.

Certainly Jukensa Kajukenbo techniques cannot be learned from a book or a video, but along with your own studies and an instructor, you may be able to augment your fighting techniques. If you practice these, start slowly until you develop control, and always carefully protect your partner. Several techniques shown can be quite dangerous to the person you are training with if you are not constantly careful. Remember that whenever your partner cannot talk to tell you that he is in pain (i.e. during certain armlocks, groundwork, etc.) he should pat on himself/you/the mat. These moving video are designed for students of the martial arts who already know basic skills.

Click on the below to see the techniques in motion. Depending on the speed of your computer, it may require a bit of time to open. If storing the video on your hard drive isn't automatic with your computer, you can still store them on your hard drive to avoid the download time again in the future (Right mouse click on moving picture before it stops, then store in a place of your choise using "save as"-- plan ahead.)

In some cases you will need to download free software such as "Real Player" or “Microsoft Media Player,” possibly from "Download.com" or from Microsoft, to make your computer capable of properly accessing MPEG movies.


  • A Simple but Effective Escape/Defense Against an Arm Grab--FAST
  • The Same Simple but Effective Escape/Defense Against an Arm Grab--SLOW

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