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March 2006

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Sijo Adriano Emperado, creator of Kajukenbo in 1948, had a rugged childhood on the rough-and-tumble back streets of Honolulu. High ranking in kenpo and escrima, he wanted to develop a martial art that would be invincible on the street, and the brutal training that took place in Emperado’s schools is legendary. Broken bones were an everyday occurrence, and the trauma of training caused others to become sick to their stomachs. A line that I'm told he used to say was that "The workout wasn't over until there was blood on the mat." The number of students at the school soon dwindled to a dedicated few who developed into tough fighters with a tough reputations, many of whom would leave a mark on the international martial arts community: Sid Asuncion, Tony Ramos, Aleju Reyes, Joe Halbuna, Don Nahoolewa, and Al Dacascos, just to name a few. For his lifetime of contributions to the martial arts, he was named 1991 Instructor of the Year. Kajukenbo is the only martial art developed in the United States, and is one of the most recently organized forms of fighting art. MORE INFORMATION

Grandmaster Aleju Reyes was one of Kajukenbo's most loved and respected instructors. He was Sijo Emperado’s right hand man and served as Sijo's Sergeant of Arms. He was one of the first Kajukenbo instructors on the mainland and one of the founders of the Kajukenbo Association of America, in 1967. In 1969 he became the first President of the International Kajukenbo Association. Grandmaster “Al” Reyes died in 1977, but his teachings live on. MORE INFORMATION

Alii Donald K. Nahoolewa: For information about Alii ("Alii" defined below) Nahoolewa, please CLICK HERE

O-Sensei Philip S. Porter: For information about Maj. Porter, please CLICK HERE

Señor Grand Master Sam Allred: . For information about him, please CLICK HERE

O-SIFU SADOC SIERRA: For information about him, please CLICK HERE

In KAJUKENBO, Chinese terms are sometimes used although it is an American Art, such as:


SISOK and SIHING--Assistant to a SIFU

SIFU--Master Instructor

O-SIFU--Senior Instructor of other Sifus but who has not yet earned 6th degree black belt. Rank appointed by a Sigung or Grand Master.

SIGUNG--Senior Master Instructor. At least 6th degree black belt.

GRAND MASTER--Equivilant to 9th degree, or the highest "rank" in Kajukembo, except for Sijo Emperado.

ALII-- Hawaiian word for "High Chief"

SIJO--Founder of a style or system.

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