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  • A fine new website, first posted in 2007, beautifully presented, run by Alonso Rosado of Mexico's #1 magazine, KATANA. In Spanish with some English.

  • A VERY fine and Comprehensive Kajukenbo Site--""

  • A Site of Prof. Al Dacascos--in German and English

  • Thunderbird Kajukembo Association's site. This well-organized association is working hard to develop a totally standardized system among its many members...standartization is sadly lacking among KajukeNbo practicioners.

  • "Sitio Nacional (Mexicana) de las Artes Marciales" y la revista "Katana"

  • "Artes Marciales International Magazine"

  • This website is interesting and informational, and pertains to Kajukenbo in Edwardsville, IL--Twin Rivers Kajukenbo.
  • WWW.REALSPORTSNETWORK.COM: This is an exceptional website which includes many sporting links. Clicking here opens to a "martial arts" page. To find "Kajukenbo," you must click on "Kenpo" and then browse.

  • Martial Arts resources - Directory of Martial Arts related websites.

    SES performed by online degree promotion team.

  • This Kajukenbo site is run by Sifu Rick Collette in Arizona. (click here)

  • A new website, posted in August of 2006, this is the official website of the AMERICAN KAJUKEMBO ASSOCIATION (click here)


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