The following moving videos will give you an idea of Kajukenbo multiple sequence attacks, performed after first blocking, and continueing until the Kajukenboist is sure that the fight is over. These techniques can not be learned by viewing these video clips. You need an authorized Kajukenbo instructor to learn Kajukenbo properly, but viewing these techniques will give you an idea as to what Kajukenbo really is.

Unfortunately, each clip can  last a maximum of one  minute, 

By clicking  below and waiting a few minutes to complete the necessary downloading, you will see and hear Kajukenboists as they perform, and at times verbally describe, a few techniques. If you do not have a very fast computer connection, the download may take time.

You can then store it on your hard drive to avoid the downloading time again in the future (Right mouse click on moving picture before it stops, then store in a place of your choice using "save as" -- plan ahead!

The first technique is demonstrated by Sigung Gerald Chavez, 8th degree, former board member of the International Kajukenbo Association. This is followed by a demonstration by Sifu Robert Martinez, 4th degree, currently in the U.S. military and anticipating soon being stationed in the Middle East. Knife demonstrations are performed by Sifu Mike Blea, 4th degree, a "self defense/weapons instructor for the New Mexico State Police. An explanation and demonstration of some Kajukenbo theory is then presented by Sifu Julian Diaz, 1st degree instructor in Mexico City--IN SPANISH. The final demonstration is by Sifu Lawrence Tachias (left) and Sifu John Baca, both 4th degree Kajukenbo instructors living in Albuquerque, N.M.

  • Kajukenbo1

  • Kajukenbo2

  • Kajukenbo against knife attack 1

  • Knife technique 2

  • Kajukenbo Theory (in Spanish)

  • Kajukenbo3 In some cases you will need to download free software to make your computer capable of properly accessing MPEG videos (possibly from "" or from Microsoft, such as "Microsoft Media Player").

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