Belt colors are not traditional Kajukenbo, but are standard in Mexico

Yellow Belt(Three months training, minimum three times a week)
 .History of Kajukenbo
 .Assist beginners in class
 .Training exercises
 .Horse Stance
 .Front snap kick with focus
 .Side snap kick with focus
 .Rear kick with focus
 .Circular kick
 .Rear kick from floor
 .Four-corner kick
 .Defenses against the above kicks
 .Falling slowly and easily
 .Basics 1-5  (Basics in Kajukenbo are memorized sequences of fighting movements.)
 . Grab Arts 1-5,  and Tricks 1-5,  (Grab Arts and Tricks are the foundation techniques of Streetfighting Arts in Kajukenbo.)

 .Note:   Each Sifu will have his own contributions to add to ranking requirements as well as the above minimum Jukensa Kajukenbo requirements.

Orange Belt (An additional 4 months minimum)
 .Good attitude toward instructors.
 .Regular assistance in class.
 .Written or oral examination over"Avoid Fighting."
 .Know and demonstrate vital areas and natural weapons.
 .Demonstrate attacks and defenses using natural weapons to vital areas.
 .Number 1 Form (Kata or Pinon), demonstrated well, but perfection not necessary.
 .All blows, kicks, defences, moving forward and backward.
 .Forward rolling
 .Demonstrate O Soto Gari, Ippon Seoi Nage, and Ogoshi slowly and with good technique and balance.
 .Demonstrate "Scarf" holding on ground.
 .Demonstrate 10 choke escapes.
 .Basics 1-10
 .Demonstrate Freefighting (Kumite) slowly

Purple Belt (Additional 5 months minimum of training)
 .History of Kajukenbo, Jukensa, Sifu, Sigung.
 .The Law
 .Two Forms
 .Falling left and right sides, and rear.
 .All kicks against an opponent who is countering
 .All throwing techniques demonstrated rapidly, with follow up attacks.
 .Forward roll with attack
 .Basics 1-14
 .Chinese Wrist Lock and Straight Arm Bar
 .Choking techniques with and without gi
 .Written or oral exam over "kajukenbo.info" site
 .Freefighting (Kumite)

Blue Belt(Additional 9 months minimum training)

 .Regular assistance in teaching
 .Tricks 1-6 and basics 1-6, with speed and technique.
 .Head down choke
 .Throwing and Falling with good technique.
 .3 forms (katas)
 .Freefighting with two opponents
 .Jujitsu sequence with submissions
 .Freefighting with contact equipment (if Sifu wishes)
 .Grab Arts 1-8
 .Basics  and Tricks, demonstrated with speed, technique, and with kiai.
 .Ground work demonstrations
 .Participate in a tournament, with at least one other school participating
 .Know Prof. Adriano Emperado's first IKA rules, especially policy no. 7, 8, and 9.
 .Complete knowledge of everything on "kajukenbo.info" and the book The Art of Dominating an Attacker in a Street Fight--Jukensa Kajukenbo

Green Belt (8 additional months)
 .Regular Assistance as a SiHing
 .History of Kajukenbo, Jukensa Kajukenbo, and its outstanding exponents.
 .2 katas (forms) done with perfection
 .Attacking a downed opponent
 .Quick kick and Quick punch
 .Escape from front and back Bear Hug, Head Lock, and chokes
 .Tricks (trucos) 1-6
 .Grabarts 1-8 done rapidly with focus
 .JuJitsu routine--uki and tori
 .First Aid
 .All earlier techniques done to near-perfection
.If a student below 18 years of age, must furnish evidence that behavior in school is very good.

 Brown Belt (One additional year minimum)

 .Regularly train others as SiHing.
 .Weapon Defenses
 .Attacks and Defenses against two opponents
 .4 forms done with technical perfection.
 .Tomoe Nage as thrower and thrown
 .Freefighting and advanced ground work
 .Jujitsu sequence -- uki and tori--to perfection
 .Knowledge of a traditional Oriental type weapon (bo, sai, nunchacu, etc.)
.Grab arts  1-15 demonstrated fast, natural, with reflexes, and with focus.
 .Participate in two tournaments outside of the school
 .Freefight all the way to groundwork

Black Belt--(4 years total minimum)

.Demonstrate a domination of all above techniques on both left and right sides.  Other skills and techniques depending entirely on what the Sifu, Board of Directors, Sigung, and original IKA regulations dictate.

Write an original thesis, suggested or approved by Sifu or Sigung.
  OR 8-10 forms done to near perfection.

First through Sixth Degree:
All black belt with hash marks for degree

Seventh Degree:
Black on one side and red on the other - worn black side out

Eighth Degree:
Black on one side and red on the other - worn red side out

Ninth Degree:
All red belt

Grand Master
Red belt with white borders. Highest ranking in Kajukenbo.

Alii--Title only for Alii Donald K. Nahoolewa

Sijo--Title only Sijo Adriano Emperado

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