GM Blea began his informal Martial Arts training at the age of 13 with his uncle in 1970-71 (Judo / Ju- Jitsu, Boxing and Combatives). G.M. Blea moved to the West Side of Albuquerque in 1971 where he started training in Kajukenbo at the age of 14 with Thunderbird / Sr. Grand Master Sam Allred while attending West Mesa High School. There, G.M. Blea received his first rank in Kajukenbo Purple Belt, March, 1972 Blue Belt, January 1973 Green Belt, April 1973 Brown Belt, October 1974 Black Belt, October 1975 Black Belt 2nd degree, June 1992 Black Belt 3rd degree, October 1994 Black Belt 7th degree (Sigung), September 2002 Black Belt 8th degree (Professor), April 2005 Black Belt 9th degree (Grand Master), October 2009

After high school and college, G.M. Blea worked in the Public Safety / Government sector in a number of different capacities and received credentials as a Defensive Tactics Instructor after studying Doce Pares Escrima (Knife, Stick / Bolo and empty hands), Jujitsu and misc. under Professor John Boren (who studied directly under Gran Tujon Leo Gaje Phillipines) 1992. Became an NRA Police Firearms Instructor in 1992 as well and studied Combat knife, Escrima (Stick and bolo / machete), Muay Thai and locks under Former Navy Seal Trainers in 1994.

G.M. Blea then studied Derobio Escrima with Master Dan Medina, 1999-2001 while gaining his Police Firearms Instructor (Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun) and Master Defensive Tactics Instructor certifications from the New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Academy in 1999. Finally, G.M. Blea received his Master Firearms Instructor certification in 2000 from New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy as well.


G.M. Blea has taught the above in many different venues to over 3000 individuals throughout the State of New Mexico to city, state and federal agencies as well as agencies in other countries. Chief “High Risk” Instructor New Mexico Corrections Training Academy

Adjunct “High Risk” Instructor New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy

G.M. Blea has performed in the capacity of Special Agent, Sr. Special Agent and Supervisory Special Agent for the Office of Inspector General in New Mexico.

G.M. Blea retired from the State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety Special Investigations Division as the Zone II Commander and Commander of the Division Mobile Strike Team. G.M. Blea also functioned as the Range Master and Division Armourer for the New Mexico Office of Inspector General and New Mexico Department of Public Safety Special Investigations Division.

Sergeant Michael A. Blea (Retired) is the Owner / Operator of the American Tactical Defense Institute (ATDI / Warriors inc.) and a Concealed Carry Instructor through the NMDPS Special Investigations Division (“Master Instructor” Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced firearms programs).

Michael A. Blea, born September 1957, Albuquerque New Mexico. (pictured on right at his current home in New Mexico)

Current rank 8th degree Black Belt (Kajukembo) under Sr. G.M. Sam Allred (studied since 1972).

Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor through and for the State of New Mexico Law Enforcement Training Academy (custody-control, baton, cuffing, ground-control, knife defense, weapon retention, use of force, etc.) since 1990.

Certified Instructor Development Instructor and Lecture Instructor for the State of New Mexico.

Certified Police Firearms Instructor (Rifle, Shotgun, Hand-gun) National Rifle Assoc.

Certified munitions instructor through Def-Tec / Smith and Wesson Law Enforcement and Military training academy (Extraction devices, 40mm grenades, etc.).

Certified CPR / 1st aid instructor through the American Red Cross.

Extensive training in Karate (Kemp), Miss. Kung-Fu styles, Judo, Ju-Jitsu, Escrima, knife fighting, Ground-Fighting, Kick-Boxing / Boxing, Tactical (SWAT) Operations and Physical Training.

Served as a member of the State of New Mexico training board under Lt. Governor Bradley and currently functions as an Adjunct Instructor for the State of New Mexico Department of Public Safety's Law Enforcement Academy (since 1990).

Currently employed as a Senior Special Agent for the State of New Mexico, Office of Inspector General in a Law Enforcement capacity (since 1998) and was previously employed as the Chief High-Risk Instructor (Defensive tactics, firearms, etc.) for the New Mexico Corrections Training Academy.

Owner and operator of the American Tactical Defense Institute since 1989.

Bachelor of arts degree in Theology, and Associate of arts degree in Business Administration and has worked extensively in the fields of Human Resources and curriculum development. Member: American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers. Member: Thunderbird Kajukembo Assoc. (past President, past Treasurer) American Kajukembo Assoc. New Mexico Sheriff's and Police Assoc.

Three daughters Amber 20, Audra 16 and Ariel 13. Competed in numerous tournaments.

Watch GM Blea teach a pistol disarming technique with a CLICK HERE.