Sadoc Sierra was born in 1965 in Minatitlán, Veracruz, México. He began his martial art training at the age of 15, studying Kung Fu under Sifu Lucio Deceano and Miguel Villafuerte in Veracruz. At the same time he ventured into boxing, and by the 80's he had won several statewide amateur junior boxing championships.

When he was 17 he moved to Mexico City and contacted Kung Fu Professor Ramón Yee. Sierra continued his training in Kung Fu, earned his first degree black belt in just over a year, and by the time he was 18 he had become Chief Instructor for Yee’s Kung Fu Centers.

Sifu Sierra began competing in open Karate tournaments in Mexico City, and always took home a trophy. He also competed in full contact events, achieved a number of significant wins, and became well-known in martial arts circles. .

In 1986 he opened his first school and met GM Sam Alama Kuoha, a student of Professor William Kwai Sun Chow of the Chinese Kara-Ho Kenpo Karate Assn. He trained with them in Kenpo for the next 10 years, and founded the “National Association of Chinese Kenpo.” During this time he earned 4th degree black belt in Chinese Kenpo.

In 1987 he was invited by a friend to study “Ninjutsu Dux Ryu” and he received his 1st dan in Los Angeles, California, from Master Frank W. Dux. Sifu Sierra continued working with Ninjutsu for several more years and founded the “Ninjutsu Koga System Assn.”

Throughout this time, he was becoming recognized as a good full and light contact fighter. He polished his katas and self defense techniques, and in 1999 traveled to Korea, where in competition he won 3rd place in combat and 1st place in self defense techniques vs. knife.

Because of his reputation and experience, in 2004 he was chosen by Kajukenbo SGM Sam Allred to organize and lead Jukensa Kajukenbo in Mexico. Already a black belt in Kenpo, after one year of training he received his promotion to 1st degree in Kajukenbo from Allred. He also continued his training and teaching of Ninjutsu, and in 2006 he was awarded 5th degree by Master Frank Dux. He currently holds the rank of 5th degree in Kajukenbo, presented in October of 2011.

In October of 2005, he established and registered the “Asociación Internacional Juken-Ka A.C.” which is dedicated to establishing high standards for Jukensa Kajukenbo and to seeing to it that Kajukenbo is practiced and taught according to the techniques and values established by Sijo Adriano Emperado.

In March of 2005 Sifu Sierra Organized the first Jukensa Kajukenbo Seminar in Mexico City, instructed by GM Gerald Chávez. For the next 7 years he and his Circle of Black Belts conducted Seminars with renowned Martial Artists like Don Nahoolewa, Sam Allred, Martin Aragón, Michael Blea, Jim Bregman, Sid Kelly, Craig Henningsen, Al Dacascos and Bill Wallace. These “Gran Seminarios” have always enjoyed great success with around 100 participants. Throughout all of this time SGM Allred has continued to help and support Sifu Sierra.

Sifu Sadoc Sierra organized and conducted Chinese Kenpo tournaments for 15 consecutive years, but over the past five years the tournaments have become the “National Jukensa Kajukenbo Championships”. This year’s (2011) tournament, then, will be the 20th Annual Tournament organized by O-Sifu Sierra. Due to his leadership of Kajukenbo in Mexico and his eight Kajukenbo schools which now are producing Kajukenbo black belts, he was given the title of "O-Sifu" by GM Allred.

In addition to Seminars and Tournaments, he has organized several yearly Kajukenbo training tours and camps where his students and his students' students canassociate with one another and practice Kajukenbo in environments ranging from the mountains and forests of central Mexico to the beaches of eastern and southern Mexico.

As the leader of Kajukenbo in Mexico, O-Sifu Sierra will no doubt continue to distinguish himself and Jukensa Kajukenbo through his tireless work, his outstanding innovations, and his love for Kajukenbo and for his students.


C.N. 5th degree en Kajukenbo (SGM Sam Allred)
C.N. 5th Dan en Ninjutsu Dux Ryu (Hanshi Frank Dux)
C.N. 4º Dan en Kenpo Chino (Grand Master Sam Alama Kuoha)
C.N. 1er Dan en Kung Fu (Prof. Ramón Yee)
C.N. 1er Dan en W.O.M.A. System (Prof. Alejandro Solares)


Campeón Amateur de Box
Campeón de Karate Abierto
Campeón de Full Contact
Campeón Mundial en Técnicas vs. Cuchillo en Corea
3er Lugar en Combate y Forms en Corea

Cursos y seminarios:

Cursos y Campamentos en Ninjutsu Koga y FASST con H. Frank Dux
Cursos y Seminarios de Kara Ho Kempo con GM Sam Kuoha
Seminario de Kali Escrima con Prof. Cacoy Cañete
Cursos de Han Mu Do con Prof. He Young Kimm
Cursos de Jiujitsu con Prof. Daniel Hernández
Seminarios de Kick Boxing con Prof. Roy Martina
Seminarios de Kenpo Karate con Ed Parker, Jeff Speakman y Skip Hanckok
Campamento con Dan Inosanto, Benny Urquidez, Gokor Chivichiang, Mimi Lesseos
Seminarios con maestros ancestrales en China y Corea
Seminario de Muay Thai con maestros Tailandeses
Cada Gran Seminario en Mexico D.F.

Más de 30 años dentro de las Artes Marciales
Ha aparecido en diferentes números del revistas como Katana, Artes Marciales, Deep
Participación en programas de radio y televisión internacional, nacional y local
Actor y director de acción en cine


Director de la Asociación Nacional de Kenpo Chino
Director de Ninjutsu Koga System
Director de Sierra Kick Boxing
Director General de Jukensa Kajukenbo
Jefe de Instructores de Jukensa Kajukenbo

Sifu Sadoc rompiendo 10 lozetas con fuego en una exhibición.



13 de Septiembre, 2004

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