Don't fight...BUT, if you must, you should at least know the below concepts.

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Things will occasionally be said on this web site along the lines of “attitude.”  This means, in the context of this site , your own mental set when confronted with the necessity to fight.   

A good fighting “attitude” to me means that your own mentality is so trained that the aggressor becomes the victim in your mind.
Fighting technique or training in the martial arts, or earning a high ranking belt will go “only so far” in an actual street fight where your opponent is intent on harming you.   To win you must mentally develop the ability, in spite of fears you may encounter prior to a fight, to control the fight situation.  Either your enemy will control the fight or you will.  He might pick on you because he feels he will dominate,  but if he suddenly discovers that you have reversed this, the entire atmosphere of the fight will be changed.  Make the aggressor feel that you are the aggressor--he is no longer the “bad guy,”  because you are.  Change your fear into a display of anger--better yet, into a display of ferocity!!  If you await his attack rather than attacking first, you may have waited until it is too late...  If you miss your chance to win, you might not get a second chance.

The ultimate in attitude--"under any circumstances it is better to risk a trial by 12 jurors as an alternative to being carried by 6 pallbearers."   Change your pain into  berserk desire to beat him into submission at any cost.  Consider yourself the meanest and craziest street fighter  in the world and him as something to be destroyed.   “No matter what I’m going to hurt you badly at any cost and anything you might do to me will be repaid handsomely.” Hit, chop, gouge, throw, elbow, spit, punch, rip, tear, gouge--destroy in a ruthless way....but without panic and while staying alert.

After the fight, you may consider leaving the scene if you can--don’t wait to be congratulated.  Then, if it appears necessary, go for a lawyer.

This kind of attitude can compensate for shortcomings in technical fighting ability or physical condition, and may double the effectiveness of good training, if you can develop it.    I feel it is valid, but the nature of your personality may not permit  you to intimidate an opponent prior to the fight nor to “go for the kill” during a fight.  Perhaps your upbringing or education will prohibit you from being comfortable while behaving like a savage.  Think of it as another “tool” which is available to you.

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