Aiming your attacks at specific targets, the vital areas, makes a lot of difference in a street fight. Hitting your attacker´s arms or shoulders with flaying-like blows is quite ineffective. Besides learning HOW to hit, you must learn WHERE to hit and which of your natural weapons is best used against specific vital areas under different fighting circumstances.

A direct punch to the solar plexus, for example, can terminate a fight immediately, while the same punch directed to the ribs or sternum, only an inch from the solar plexus, will likely be less effective. A punch just a small distance below the solar plexus might simply be absorbed by the attacher´s stomach or defended by his tightened abdominal muscles. Your blows must be consciously aimed at the attacker´s vital areas when at all possible.

Palm Heel to Chin

Blow to Solar Plexus


Knee to Face

Throat Grasp

Head Butt to Face

Hollow of Throat Nerves

Hair Controling

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